Days Gone Sequel would have explored a “more technical direction”

Days Gone Game Director Jeff Ross said in a recent interview that a sequel to the game would have taken the series in a “more technical direction” had Sony decided to rethink the franchise.

In a recent interview with USA Today’s For the win, Ross went on to talk about where he would have put Days Gone 2 and stated that, among other things, he would have liked to delve deeper into the relationship between the series’ main protagonist, Deacon, and his wife Sarah – which for much of the first game after the the player spends time searching.

“Yes, they are back together, but maybe they are not happy,” Ross explains in an interview about the couple. “Well what can we do with it? Okay, we were married before the apocalypse, but what about the future? “With a heavy focus on the game’s characters, it’s no surprise Ross says a sequel also has the” heavy, strong narrative “of the original would have retained.

“Of course we would have kept the bike. And I think we would have expanded the sound a bit in a technical direction, like, ‘Okay, now we have all this NERO technology – what can we do with it? ”’ The sound would have a ring out towards something of the new reality I think that would have been a bit more – I don’t mean to say Avengers, but something that the player had resources on, he had sort of a holdover from everything the government had. “

In Days Gone, NERO (or IPCA) technology refers to technology found throughout the game at its various NERO research locations. Once collected, the technology could be used to unlock a secret weapon (known as the unknown NERO weapon) that acted as a stun gun and was able to electrocute and (sometimes) set fire to the Freaker enemies .

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With that in mind, it sounds like a potential sequel could have resorted a little more to science fiction esque tropes than its predecessor, with players being able to rely a little more on the inclusion of advanced weapons rather than the more familiar tools, that existed. present in the first game.

While it currently seems unlikely that fans will ever see a sequel to the 2019 action-adventure game, Ross stated in the interview that he learned a lot while working on the original and would have liked the chance to make further improvements to the franchise in a sequel.

According to the report, such improvements would have built up the world in a number of ways, adding more complex elements to characters’ behavior, rendering their creatures and animals lifelike, and improving gameplay mechanics with factors like Deacon’s swim – a factor Ross says he has in the first Game was not possible for technical reasons.

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“Swimming in Days gone, it’s the worst, ”explains Ross. “(Writer and Director) John Garvin gave in to a point and just brought it into the narrative. It gave him the opportunity to develop character too. I think that’s why he really liked it. ”

“This character can swim but refuses and later makes the decision to do it. Behind this is a principle of script writing. But from a gameplay point of view, I hated it later. ‘ By the time we circled again, it was probably last year when the user tests came back and people were complaining about the water. “

Sony has long turned down a pitch for a sequel to Days Gone. This is a decision that some fans may find disappointing as Ross appears to have brought up an abundance of new ideas. While this latest interview delves much deeper into his thoughts, the Game Director previously discussed Days Gone 2, stating that the game’s initial pitch included plans for a shared universe and a cooperative game component.

Ross recently made headlines after comparing the success of Days Gone to Ghost of Tsushima. Following news that Ghost of Tsushima had sold over 8 million units worldwide, the Game Director commented on the fact that the local studio management had always made their team feel like it was a huge disappointment, despite Days Gone having a similar number of copies same timeframe sold in the US – although it should be noted that the numbers Ross quoted were standard and may not be entirely accurate.

For more information on Days Gone, check out this article where Ross went on to talk about the battle for the green light to continue the game and how those hopes partially faded after Sony CEO Shawn Layden left the company.

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