Days Gone director says Shawn Layden’s departure ruined the chance for a sequel

Despite a relatively well-received series of games from 1999 to 2007, the siphon filter series has apparently disappeared with no restart in sight. But Sony seems to have had one thing on their mind lately, and even launched it as a project for one of their studios: Bend, which Days Gone made.

On one Stream yesterday with twisted metal director David Jaffe, Former Bend Studio Director and Writer John Garvin and Game Director Jeff Ross discussed Bend’s struggle to get the go-ahead for a sequel to Days Gone as the studio’s next project. While former Sony boss Shawn Layden apparently campaigned for the game, Ross said that “Days Gone was dead as soon as Shawn was gone”.

“It was very clear that we shouldn’t be talking about Days Gone while we were working on the pitch and generating it. It was clear that it was a non-runner. And there was nothing on the pitch that the local manager and ‘be Boss feels good about it. That’s probably a failure of the creative group, but it’s just been an uphill battle all along. “

Ross added that while considering what Bend Studio would be working on instead, Sony asked if there were any other Sony IPs they would use for a pitch, including Bend’s old Project Siphon Filter. But Bend refused them, said Ross. “I have no ideas on how to restart siphon filters.”

He later added that he wasn’t sure the pitch was ever serious and that it was mostly an idea to keep them busy while Sony Bends worked out the actual next project.

Days Gone New Game Plus mode and Siphon Filter DLC

With neither Siphon Filter nor Days Gone 2 on the table, Ross added that the team also set up an open-world resistance game, with Bend working on Resistance: Retribution back in 2009. Sony didn’t seem interested in a new Resistance title either.

Ross and Garvin’s interview with Jaffe follows a tweet from Ross earlier this week about how Days Gone likely sold as well as Ghost of Tsushima but was treated as a disappointment by Sony management.

Days Gone received mixed reviews, with our review puffy, chaotic, and confused despite some really exciting encounters with hordes of zombies. Bend Studio has since spent some time helping Naughty Dog before switching to a new IP built on top of Days Gone’s open world systems.

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