Dangerous for pets: These plants are toxic for dogs & Co.

If your pet has eaten the poisonous plant, you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible – even if the pets still show no symptoms. The vet can give the dog medication that will induce vomiting to get rid of the poison as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances should you try to make the dog vomit on your own. Because the process must be observed by the veterinarian to exclude that a foreign body is the cause of the symptoms.

How to give first aid:

Going to the vet is essential, but you can always do something to help the animal immediately: the dog can immediately after ingesting the poison Activated charcoal tablets (see Amazon) are given. It is a medicinal charcoal obtained from plants, such as coconut shells.

In case of poisoning, activated carbon binds the poisonous substance in the digestive tract, thereby reducing the amount and making it harmless. The following rule applies: the faster the poison binds to the activated carbon, the better. The charcoal is then excreted along with the bound toxins in the faeces.

Activated charcoal can also be useful later. Thereafter, the preparation should be administered every eight hours at a maximum dose of four grams per kilogram of body weight. For the exact dosage, it is best to ask your veterinarian.

In the following table you can see two activated carbon products as an example – one in capsule form, one in powder form.

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