Damp windows? Why Condensation Forms and How to Avoid It

In the worst case, the condensation can cause mold, because the film of water is an ideal breeding ground for the spores. Corners of rooms, niches and the area around the window are particularly susceptible to this, but it can also occur behind furniture directly on the outside wall.

Mold can be prevented by heating and airing regularly – the latter preferably several times a day with the windows fully open.

If you like it precise: the humidity in the room should not exceed 60%, advises the Consumer Advice Center Bremen. In addition, all living rooms and bedrooms in the house should be heated to at least 16 degrees, even if they are not used in winter.

In this way, on the one hand, you regularly ventilate the excess humidity, and on the other hand, you prevent it from settling on the cold walls in the form of condensation. Also, large pieces of furniture can be moved away from the exterior wall, at least in the cold months.

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