Da Hood scripts galore. So if you are looking to get free money and the auto farm feature, here is all the Roblox Da Hood script to use right now.

It’s pretty cool how games let you virtually choose who you want to be. While Murder Mystery 2 has been brought to light, Da Hood is a rare gem that needs as much recognition as possible.

Call it toxic or whatever, the game is pretty much one of the Roblox hood games worth playing. With over 20,000 active players and up to 500 million views along with 1,000 favorites and 363,000 likes, it can be boldly said that Da Hood is truly an excellent fighting game with solid mechanics.

Created in January 2009 by Da Hood Entertainment and released under the Town and City genre in Roblox, Da Hood is simply an RPG where players can choose to be a cop or a criminal.

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As the latter, your objective is basically to rob banks and shops in others to generate cash while the former are tasked with preventing this from happening.

Now, if you’re a die-hard Da Hood player, it’s obvious that you love this melee combat system. But other than that, the game can be quite difficult, especially when you have little money to spend.

For this reason, we have curated a list of all working Da Hood Scripts to make your gameplay much easier. From Money to Auto Farm, they can literally give you a plethora of stuff without grinding. So without further ado, here is the best Roblox Da Hood script to use right now.

Da Hood Scenario

There are no doubt a plethora of Da Hood scripts on the web, but due to the anti-cheat hacking feature implemented in the game, many of these scripts have been patched and therefore no longer work.

But since it’s quite difficult to find a working Da Hood script, we can literally tell you that it’s not impossible. Now, to take the stress off a bit, we’ve scoured a slew of sites, including Pastebin, to collect all active Da Hood scripts worth using. So here they are;

More scenario


And more

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“https://pastebin.com/raw/AqLV4Wii”, true))()

How to Run the Da Hood Script


Getting a working Roblox Da Hood script is one thing and knowing how to run it is another. For the uninitiated, getting a reliable, virus-free Roblox exploit and/or script runner is highly recommended.

From Krnl to Synapse to JJSPloit and many more, there is a plethora of them and you will surely find the list of what suits you best. here.

Now assuming you’ve already gone through the post and downloaded your favorite Roblox script runner, just launch it into Da Hood’s world and then copy and paste one of the scripts above into the box provided and press the Run/Inject button.

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