Costs 900 euros: Dyson launches headphones with an air purifying function

According to the manufacturer, electrostatic filtration should capture up to 99% of particles down to 0.1 micron in size, such as dust, pollen and bacteria. And a potassium-enriched carbon filter is said to clean the air we breathe of gases such as nitrogen dioxide or ozone. The filters have a lifespan of up to one year.

In addition to air pollution, the area also wants to help with noise pollution: according to Dyson, the ANC system of the Bluetooth 5.0 headphones works with eight microphones and should be able to attenuate disturbing ambient noise by up to at 38 decibels (dB) The helmet weighs a fairly heavy 595 grams, with the air filter attached an additional 75 grams are added.

The headset’s 2600 mAh battery fully charges in three hours via USB-C. That’s enough for up to 50 hours of pure music listening or up to four hours of combined audio and filter operation at the lowest airflow speed. Combination time decreases accordingly at medium (up to 2.5 hours) and high (up to 1.5 hours) airflow speed.

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