Correct configuration of the new TV: test images guarantee perfect sharpness and colors

In order to be able to use the test images on the television, save the images on a data carrier such as a USB stick, memory card or DVD and then open them on the television, monitor or projector. How to properly use images.

First check the test image:

  1. the arrows on the edges must be fully visible so that the image is not cut off (overscan)
  2. in terms of brightness, the six levels of the black area should always be visible
  3. adjust the contrast with the GL white areas on the right
  4. the color is controlled using the skin tones of both people, which should not be too reddish
  5. You adjust the sharpness with the box at the bottom right, where the crosshair should not form a double outline

Test the Full HD and 4K image: Here the manufacturer does not offer more detailed instructions directly on the picture. However, the methods are the same: the white arrows should be fully visible, the reticle is used for sharpness, the different color levels help adjust saturation – white and black again for contrast and brightness.

If you want to get even more out of your TV, Burosch offers you on its website paid test images which offer even more functions.

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