Corona: Stiftung Warentest recommends these FFP2 masks

This test result underpins an important piece of advice that was already in place: if you want to wear an FFP2 mask to protect yourself and others from possible corona virus infection, you need to make sure it fits properly – and if in doubt, choose another model try with a different cut.

Because even a small leak through which breathable air flows can significantly reduce the filter performance of the FFP2 mask. The mask fits well if the fabric pulls towards the mouth when you breathe in and puffs up when you breathe out.

The Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine also considers the possible incorrect use of FFP masks by the wearer to be a problem: it generally welcomes the recommendation to wear these masks in the population. However, the problem is seen that insufficient protection is achieved by improper handling and poor fitting.

“The population must therefore be more educated about wearing a mask”, concluded the professional society in a press release at the end of January 2021.

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