Controlling the Fritzbox remotely: Hardly anyone knows the practical key codes

You don’t need much to control your Fritzbox by phone. A connected phone is sufficient. It does not matter whether it is a cordless telephone or whether the telephone is directly connected to the Fritzbox via a cable. If the phone has its own base, it must be configured to be able to dial special characters such as * and #.

Unfortunately, the control of the Fritzbox does not work via smartphone with the FritzApp Fon. The only exception is for internal calls. Only a few key codes work with IP phones, such as deleting a phone number once or activating/deactivating call forwarding.

To enter codes, instead of entering a phone number, type one of the character sequences below. They usually start with # or *. Make sure you enter all the characters exactly, then press the button on the handset to send the code to the Fritzbox. On phones without a handset key, you must pick up the handset first and then enter the code.

Examples of key codes:

  • #96*0*: Disable Wi-Fi
  • #96*1*: Enable Wi-Fi
  • #881**: Activate wake-up call (must be configured under “Telephony/Wake-up call”)
  • #881#: turn off the alarm
  • #990*15901590*: Restart the Fritzbox
  • #991*15901590*: Reset Fritzbox to factory settings (Warning, only to be used as a last resort, resets all Fritzbox settings)

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