Comparison of red light lamps: help with muscle tension, inflammation and pain

Unlike conventional lamps, which emit little heat, special bulbs are installed in the lamps with red light. For some, special coatings or the design of the glow wire also guarantee an intensification of the heat radiation. If an infrared lamp is used, the heating radiation penetrates a few millimeters into the skin tissue. The pleasant warmth not only ensures relaxation, but also improves blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. Inflammatory secretions from the nose and ears can drain better, which in many cases leads to faster pain relief.

You should pay attention to this when using red light lamps

Red light is a constant heat source that should not be used for too long. For most products, the manufacturer specifies the ideal irradiation time, which is between ten and twenty minutes. If this information is missing, a doctor should be consulted before use. In general, it is advisable to consult a medical professional before using red lights. Because even if the lamps promise to relieve a large number of ailments, the doctor must decide whether other methods of treatment would make more sense.

If a red light lamp is used, it is imperative to maintain the recommended distance from the irradiated area in order to avoid burns. Red light should be pleasantly warm and not unpleasantly warm. The distance to the skin should be between 30 and 50 centimeters.

This is to be taken into account when purchasing

Anyone considering buying a red light lamp should first think about how the lamp will be used. Should only a small part of the body be treated or is the red light lamp used over a large area, for example for back tension? If the lamp is used for processing large areas, then it should have a power of about 300 watts. For small areas of the body, a power of 150 watts or more is sufficient.

In order to avoid burns such as those caused by sunlight, lamps must have good UV protection. And of course it is important that the device is stable. If the angle of inclination of the lamp can be changed, that is also a plus. If the device still has a timer, much has been done at the time of purchase.

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