Common Cooking Mistake: Why It’s Wrong to Wash Meat Before Cooking

Other types of meat such as pork or beef are less likely to become contaminated with the pathogen Campylobacter or similar germs because their lower body temperature does not provide pathogens with as ideal a breeding ground as , for example, chicken.

If you eat your steak medium or even raw, meaning you don’t kill germs by cooking it fully, you can wash the meat, according to the expert, but that’s a matter of discretion – it the same goes for fish, in the way.

Whole fish should be rinsed to remove entrails. Industrially processed fish, on the other hand, does not need to be washed. Again, this is especially true if you intend to cook the fish all the way through, when eating raw fish everyone has to make their own decisions. However, according to the expert, campylobacter and salmonella do not represent a major potential danger in fish.

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