Coi Leray talks about income, depression and new music in 2021 in a social media post

Coi Leray is an active celebrity voice on social media. Whether she’s dancing on TikTok or sharing her thoughts on Twitter, Coi is often connected with fans. This time, the breakout artist took to Instagram to talk about mental health, money, and new music.

About mental health, money and music

“It was a tough year, even though I made millions, it came with a lot of depression,” Coi wrote on her Instagram story.

She went on to say that a track called ‘Medicine’ will be her last song of the year. But Coi also made it clear that this song is “strict” for their supporters.

“When I go into the cabin and bend over, I just know that I speak from the heart and mean every word in the song,” Coi wrote.

Then the artist wished everyone who read her message a “great vacation” with “everything they have ever dreamed of”. And in true Coi fashion, she wrapped her message with a manifestation for her future in music.

“This new year will be one of the greatest years of my life,” wrote Coi. “I feel it. My album will be one of the greatest female artist albums in the world. I can promise you that. Xoxo.”

Coi defends himself

As we should all know by now, Coi has no problem expressing her confidence in her abilities outwardly. In July, Coi went viral after her “XXL Freshman Freestyle”, but most of the chatter was criticism. She took the time to break up the chatter on her Instagram story.

“You thought I was going to spit the hottest flame of fire. Let me tell you something … Personally, I feel like I’ve had the best “XXL” freestyle. Me and Lakeyah fa sho had the best “XXL” freestyle, ”said Coi. “Especially my whole class of ciphers. I haven’t even heard the ciphers, nor have I heard other ciphers. And I know we had the best cipher. Especially me. “

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