Civil servants have much more money in retirement than pensioners – these are the reasons

Despite the common expense issues, there are major differences between the two forms of retirement. Most striking: the amount of the average pension is much lower than the average pension of civil servants.

A look at the statistics:


According to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV), exactly 21,223,972 people received retirement benefits (excluding orphan’s pensions) in mid-2021. The total expenditure of the statutory pension insurance amounted to 346.471 billion euros in 2021.

The result: Arithmetically, each retiree “costs” an average of 13,399.51 euros. These are per month 1116.63 euros.


The calculated average pensions are much lower than the amounts that retired civil servants receive monthly. The Federal Statistical Office (DeStatis) announced on December 20, 2022 that the average pension of civil servants at gross 3170 euros per month lies. This makes 38,040 euros per year for each pensioner. On average!

The authority determines this value by dividing the pension burden of 52.5 billion euros in 2021 by the number of retired civil servants: according to the data, it was 1,380,300 people. If you enter both values ‚Äč‚Äčinto a calculator app, you will receive a monthly fee of EUR 3,169.60 per pensioner (EUR 38,035.21 per year).

Without going into the differences between the two pension systems here, we note that civil servants cost three times more money in retirement than statutory pensioners.

The high level of the average civil service pension is one of the main reasons why the costs of civil service pensions are spiraling out of control. It also plays a role in the fact that the federal and state governments make little provision for future pension costs. The state covers the costs from current tax revenues. And the higher the payment obligations, the less financial leeway for other tasks.

Clearly: the pensions mentioned are applicable law, no one blames former civil servants for sufficient old age. But the facts show the high expenses that taxpayers have to fund.

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