The pressure for Epic Games was too great: The US game manufacturer’s “Fortnite” video game can no longer be played in China. At the same time, the Chinese authorities are cracking down on online gambling addiction. The US video game Fortnite, which is highly successful worldwide, can no longer be played in China. The company Epic Games discontinued the Chinese version, the servers over which the game can be played have been switched off. The US game company announced the move two weeks ago. Chinese players confirmed to the AFP news agency that they could no longer access the game today. The shutdown marks the end of a three-year test by the manufacturer who had developed a special version of the game for the Chinese market. The content was checked for excessive violence.

Billions in sales with Fortnite

Fortnite is a game that belongs to the “Battle Royal” genre. Players fight against each other online in a demarcated area. During the game, the virtual game zone shrinks – whoever remains last wins. The trial version was released in China in 2018 but never received the go-ahead from the government to be officially marketed. With Fortnite alone, Epic Games has generated sales in the low double-digit billion range since 2018. The number of players who have a Fortgag gaming account is likely to be over 300 million. Epic Games became known to a wider public beyond the game scene through the app dispute with Apple .

Unhealthy conversation?

The Chinese government announced restrictions on online games for minors at the end of August. According to this, you are only allowed to play three hours a week in China, one hour every Friday as well as one hour on weekends and public holidays. The government in Beijing justified the new rule with its efforts to put a stop to the increasing gambling addiction in the country. The communist leadership wants to prevent children from spending too much time on entertainment that is considered unhealthy.

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