Children’s bicycle helmets: you should consider this when buying a safety helmet

When children ride balance bikes, inline skates, etc., they should always wear a children’s bicycle helmet. Otherwise, a fall can have health consequences and, in the worst case, lead to serious head injuries. It is also recommended that children also wear a safety helmet if transported by bicycle in a child seat or bicycle trailer.

Buying a child’s bicycle helmet: you have to pay attention to it

When buying a children’s bicycle helmet, you need to make sure that you choose the right helmet size. Because the helmet is too loose, protection is not ensured and injuries may occur in the event of a fall. The size of the children’s helmet corresponds to your child’s head circumference. So before buying you should take your measurements. Many children’s bicycle helmets offer additional adjustment options for the head circumference, so that your child can wear the helmet for a long time. Also, make sure the weight of the helmet is as light as possible.

Other aspects a child’s bike helmet should have:

  • Padded shoulder and chin straps
  • adequate ventilation
  • Safety equipment such as reflectors and flashing lights
  • Chin bar is at least 15mm wide
  • Safety marks are present, for example the GS mark

Note: Children’s bicycle helmets or bicycle helmets in general should not be purchased second-hand. On the one hand, the background is not known – has there ever been an accident or a fall with the helmet – and the real age of the helmet. For example, weather conditions can have a negative impact on the protective effect of a bicycle helmet.

In the following table we show you highly rated children’s bicycle helmets to inspire you.

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