Cheaper and healthier than fresh vegetables: you should use frozen food here

On average, each of us eats 150 kilograms of vegetables per year (Statista, period: 2019/2020). Overall it is more than eight million tons per year. Most of the merchandise apparently went over the counter to discounters. According to Statista, around 49.3% of all fruit and vegetable sales in 2019 went to Aldi, Lidl & Co.

And: The Germans obviously prefer their vegetables fresh and unprocessed. Because in 2020 there was “only” in Germany 500,000 tonnes of frozen vegetables sold. In other words, measured against the total amount, this represents only a part of the rare six percent.

Frozen vegetables are actually much better than their reputation. Because the popular opinion that fresh vegetables are always better than frozen products is not correct, at least in terms of vitamin and nutrient content. Indeed, the vitamin content of frozen vegetables, for example, is generally higher than that of the fresh products that you get from the vegetable department or the weekly market. And it’s usually cheaper too.

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