Cheap test winner: This is how tomato sauce performs in the lab

Organic is expensive and very good

In addition to the properties themselves, the main difference between competitors is the price. 400 grams of sauce cost between 75 cents and 3.19 euros. And the test shows it: it’s not always the price that counts. in the organic segment three tomato sauces are rated “very good”. Winners include:

  • Dennree Sugo Pronto for about 1.64 euros/ 400 grams
  • Pomodoro with basilica from La Selva for about 2.22 euros/ 400 grams
  • Rapunzel’s Tuscan Tomato Sauce for the modest sum of 2.34 euros / 400 grams

Particularly surprising: Especially with organic products there are also losers. The classic organic Dm tomato sauce fails with “insufficient” and the classic organic Alnatura tomato sauce with “insufficient”. In both cases, the value of TEA (tenuazonic acid) is increased or greatly increased. It’s a mold toxin. There is another point deduction for increasing the salt content of sauces.

Cheap discount sauces are good

Although the cuts conventional If no product was “very good”, the “good” winners are significantly cheaper. Discount and supermarket products from Lidl, Penny, Aldi, Rewe and Netto are also convincing here for around 0.75 euros/ 400 grams each:

  • Combino basil tomato sauce from Lidl
  • San Fabio Basilica Sauce by Penny
  • Cucina Nobile Basilico Pasta Sauce from Aldi
  • Yes! Tomato basil sauce for pasta by Rewe
  • Netto Mondo Italiano Napoli Pasta Sauce

Well-known products such as Barilla, Miracoli or Oro di Parma only get a “good enough” score because of their increased salt and flavor values.

You can take the detailed test Read it for free on ├ľKO-TEST.

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