Charge smartphones wirelessly: these are the best wireless chargers

Many current smartphones support the Qi standard for wireless battery charging – a corresponding charger is almost never included, but sold as an expensive accessory. It is therefore usually cheaper to look for third-party providers.

But here, too, there are big differences in price and charging efficiency, because depending on the charger, the smartphone battery can take up to an hour longer to be fully charged in extreme cases. In the following table, we therefore show you briefly and concisely the four most exciting Qi chargers in the CHIP test – as well as two sample charges.

Different names, one meaning

Qi chargers are also known as inductive charging stations, wireless chargers, charging pads and more. What is meant here – at least in the case of smartphones – is still wireless power transmission via the Qi standard. “Qi” itself actually represents a proprietary and standardized process.

You will find more information, detailed product descriptions and test impressions in our detailed purchase advice for Qi chargers.

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