Just days after launch, 343 is already addressing issues players are having with the Halo Infinite Battle Pass. on Twittersaid Halo Community Manager John Junyszek that changes are coming later this week.

For starters, add 343 “Play 1 Game” challenges that reward the player simply by playing games. They also adjust or remove some weekly challenges based on player feedback to speed up progress in the Battle Pass.

The developers are also doubling the duration of the double XP boosts from 30 minutes to an hour after complaining that the boosts weren’t very valuable, especially when playing Infinite’s large team battle matches that can last over 20 minutes. Junyszek adds that these are just the first changes and the game will continue to evolve based on player feedback.

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass rewards players with cosmetic items, a system popular in games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. In Halo, however, the main problem players face is that XP is only rewarded by completing specific daily and weekly challenges in the game, rather than simply accumulating by playing games.

Just hours after Halo Infinite’s multiplayer went live, fans were already complaining about the progression system. Fans took to Reddit and Twitter to refer to the Battle Pass as a “slog” and “unpleasant grind”. Yesterday, Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard said the team is already evaluating the progress of the Battle Pass, taking into account user data and player feedback.

While those changes are coming this week, Junyszek says it means developers will need to reset players’ challenges, including progressing towards weekly challenges. Therefore, they are granting all players who log in between November 23rd and 30th this week’s ultimate reward, the Siegel Mark VII Visor.

Spartans have plenty of time to survive Halo Infinite’s first season, as the Battle Pass runs until May 2, 2022, which is much longer than the originally announced three-month period 343.

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Aside from concerns about the game’s progression mechanics, Halo Infinite is already enjoying a lot of success with over a quarter of a million concurrent players during its opening week. When you’re ready to jump into the action, check out how to access the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta.

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