Cash limit in Germany: what regulation is on the table

Criticism of the cash limit comes from consumer advocates, among others. They certainly see restrictions for citizens due to a cash limit, for example when buying a car. In addition, cash transactions cannot fail due to Schufa information or technical problems with electronic payment systems. In addition, cash is democratic, everyone can take care of it.

Other arguments are the right to self-determination on how one wants to save and pay, as well as the protection of privacy. The crime-fighting argument is by no means convincing to everyone. The German Association of Savings Banks and Postal Checks states: “Cash caps will not lead to a lasting containment of terrorist financing or money laundering crimes.”

Johannes Beermann, a member of the board of directors of the Bundesbank, also criticizes the limitation of cash payments to 10,000 euros. He told the dpa: “So far there is no scientifically substantiated evidence that the anti-money laundering objective is achieved with cash payment limits.”

We are also interesting in this context analysis by constitutional scholar Hans-J├╝rgen Papier, who examines the question of whether legal limitations on cash payments are constitutionally permissible.

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