Can it save money? Get cheap electricity from abroad

If the electricity comes from other EU countries, the German legal framework applies. Energy supplies are therefore subject to German taxes, levies, levies and the network fee. The problem with that: German electricity tax law cannot be applied to an electricity supplier that has its establishment outside the German tax area. Therefore, its duties and responsibilities lie with consumers.

If the electricity is purchased from a national supplier, the additional costs are already included in the final price. With a foreign electricity supplier, consumers have to pay it in addition to the electricity price and pay it themselves to the responsible authority. National providers do this for their customers.

It is therefore not enough to look at the final prices in other EU countries. Because supposedly cheap electricity from other EU countries can suddenly turn out to be quite expensive. In addition to costs, consumers have other expenses that the electricity supplier would otherwise bear, such as storage, registration and reporting obligations.

For example, the amount of electricity purchased from the supplier must be recorded accurately and transmitted regularly and in a timely manner to the main customs office using a form.

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