Call of Duty Warzone has even more problems with invisible skins

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If this headline sounds familiar, it is almost certainly because of it. Last week we reported that Call of Duty Warzone was experiencing issues with a skin that accidentally made players almost completely invisible. Now, just a week later, players are reporting again that enemies in the game are disappearing before their eyes.

As discovered by VGC, the problem of invisible skins in Call of Duty Warzone seems to have come back once again. According to community reports, Raven Associate Community Manager Austin O’Brien has publicly posted the issue on the website Trello board of the game’s community and Raven has stated that it is investigating the problem.

While the Awoken skin for Call of Duty operator Francis may have plagued the community over the Christmas holidays, Raven’s latest update was supposed to fix the problem. Instead, gamers have reported more glitches with other operators on social media, as seen in the following clip from Reddit user andrewkbmxwhere the player faces a largely covert Wraith operator skin.

Warzone’s recent attack of invisible skin defects isn’t the first time the game has had similar issues. Last year, Charlie Intel reported that the Legendary Ghillie Suit, included as part of the game’s paid Ekolo bundle, was vulnerable to its own exploits. Similar to the current issues players face in the game, the character’s visibility varied depending on how close a player was to the enemy that controlled the skin.

While Raven has consistently managed to get invisible skins out of the game, it can be said that some members of the community will be wondering how they even get into the online shooter.

With Raven’s QA team and other Activision Blizzard staff now entering their fourth week of strike, the ongoing character skin issues couldn’t have fallen at a worse time for players. Given that the strikes related to layoffs are taking place at the studio’s QA contractors, perhaps the ongoing problems perfectly illustrate the importance of the role of QA testers in the modern age.

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