Call of Duty is partnering with Attack On Titan for a new event

Attack on Titan and Call of Duty are switching to a new item pack that will make you a member of the infamous Survey Corps in Warzone and Vanguard.

The Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan: Levi Edition Bundle includes several new skins for different weapons and more. The most important of them is a new skin for the Daniel Yatsu operator, which gives him Levi Ackerman’s split hairstyle, a beige Survey Corps jacket and a white jabot collar.

Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard January 2022 Update Gallery

The following is still included:

  • A new finishing move, MVP highlight and highlight intro based on the soaring slash maneuvers of the Survey Corps that they use against titans.
  • An emblem with the wings of the Survey Corps.
  • Three weapon blueprints: The Historia, which was designed for close-range fire from the hip, and the “Ymir Curse,” a medium to long range weapon with almost no vertical recoil. The third weapon design is for a pair of two-weapon knives that look exactly like the titanium piercer blades used by members of the Survey Corps.
  • A weapon spell that looks like the infamous key to Eren Yeager’s basement.
  • “One hot Potato” sticker, a nod to the hungry character Sasha.

The new package will be released on January 20th. Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 debuted just last weekend, ushering in the conclusion of the long-running anime franchise. The official IGN review called it “brutal, devastating, exciting table setting”.

Also included in the new Call of Duty update that goes live today: a new operator named Isabella (whose “Wild Rose” package includes two new weapon blueprints) and a new SMG that appears as a cross between Sten and Owen. is described pistol.

There is also an introduction to the story of the second season of Vanguard Zombies via “The Void”, a new part of the “Shi No Numa” map that teleports you through a portal into some kind of alternate dimension. While in the void, you play classic survival rounds and earn rewards for every three rounds you survive. After three rounds, the players always have the choice to flee or survive. You can earn 5,000 essence points for every three rounds survived (plus a sacrificial heart if you make it back to Stalingrad). for the rest of the game. Treyarch also teases that players who survive even longer may learn details about future story beats.

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently facing a number of new issues with invisible player skins as the Raven Software QA team and other Activision Blizzard employees enter their fourth week of strike.

Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer / hot potato for IGN.

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