Buy or rent solar energy systems? This is recommended by Stiftung Warentest

Another service provider advises the tester on a rental model. In the future, electricity prices will increase by 3-4% per year, which is why she will have to pay twice as much for her electricity consumption in about 25 years. With its own rooftop solar system, it can keep residual electricity costs to a minimum.

But renting a system is only at first glance cheaper. Rent, including an all-round protection package, would cost 113 euros per month, and a 5.1 kWh storage unit would cost an additional 61 euros per month. It could then buy the solar system for one euro after 20 years.

It sounds good at first, but a monthly rent of 174 euros amounts to 41,760 euros in 20 years. Financially, renting a photovoltaic system makes no sense.

Whether you are a tenant or a buyer, service provider profitability calculations must be treated with great caution. In all proposals, Stiftung Warentest found assumptions that are clearly too optimistic, and it was not uncommon for information, for example on the feed-in tariff, to be incorrect.

The tester chose the first regional supplier because of the good reliable advice.

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