Butter mixed with mineral oil: Weihenstephan, Kerrygold, Landliebe & Co. receive a 6th year

Among the many losers in the test are the organic manufacturers Alnatura and Dennree. However, most conventional butter brands also fail the test. In addition to Weihenstephan, Landliebe and Meggle, butter from the famous Irish dairy Kerrygold also fails. But not only is the expensive butter disappointing, but the own cheap products from Aldi, Edeka, Penny, Lidl and Co. steal mercilessly. In the 2018 Stiftung Warentest test, Kerrygold brands failed the butter test – more on that here.

The reason for the many low ratings is, among other things, the category “Mineral oil components”. 13 of the 14 samples that were rated “inadequate” have “greatly increased” values. In addition, for most of the butter brands in the test, ÖKO-TEST assessed the content of fatty acids typical of green fodder as too low. Above all, the omega-3 fatty acid content allows conclusions to be drawn about the type of livestock: you can find out how much grass or hay the cows ate as basic food, according to ÖKO-TEST.

The plant-based butter alternative margarine didn’t really score in a 2021 test at ÖKO-TEST. You can read here on CHIP.de how the alternative works. You can read more about the butter test, the products and the results Read it for free on ÖKO-TEST.

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