But it was about time: a number of Germans now receive 15% more salary

The legal minimum wage is generally intended for all employees over the age of 18. But not everyone can demand the new minimum wage of 12 euros per hour. The following exceptions apply:

  • Apprentices according to the Vocational Training Act
  • volunteers
  • People doing volunteer work
  • Participant in an employment promotion measure
  • Homeworkers under the Homework Act
  • self employed
  • Teenagers under 18 who have not completed vocational training
  • Long-term unemployed in the first six months following reintegration into the labor market

The minimum wage also applies to interns, but there are notable restrictions. Exceptions are, for example, compulsory internships which are prescribed by the university. In the case of voluntary internships that do not last more than three months, there is no right to the minimum wage if they serve as guidance for training or studies.

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