Bow Wow says in one hilarious post that men are more like cats than dogs

There are some celebrities who have no problem sharing their inner thoughts on social media. Whether these thoughts are serious, funny, or just random, someone is ready as well does Divide. One celebrity that can definitely be found on this list is Bow Wow himself, whose real name is Shad Moss. He hopped on Instagram on Friday to share his thoughts on the old saying “men are dogs”.

Dog V. cat

“Idk why women call us dogs,” wrote Bow Wow on his Instagram story. “Dogs are loyal to their owners. They are clean, they obey and they come home! “

Again, it’s unclear what exactly made Bow Wow go there. It offers no explanation in this section. However, he continues to look for a more appropriate comparison.

“We like cats more,” wrote Bow Wow. “We roam the streets, we are deviously stubborn and we hunt street rats. We’re really some cat shit MEOW. “

Regardless of the source of inspiration, people on the internet seemed to be enjoying the conversation. After Bow Wow’s message was posted in The Shade Room, the comments section quickly grew to more than 26,000 comments. Those who did not share words in the comments showed their engagement in the likes. By Saturday, the post had received more than 260,000 likes.

Hall of Fame Dreams

Most recently, Bow Wow also used his voice to advocate his contributions to the music and entertainment industry. Earlier this week, a fan asked Bow Wow on Twitter if he deserved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He didn’t bypass the bush in his answer and said “absolutely”.

“Absolutely. BET should honor me at the Hip Hop Awards next year,” tweeted Bow Wow. “I don’t want you to wait until I’m 44. Plus, I’ll be the youngest artist in history to receive this award has ever received. “

No word yet on BET’s thoughts on any of this, so we’ll have to wait and see what 2022 brings.

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