Bow Wow says BET should honor him at the Hip-Hop Awards next year

We all know Bow Wow has been in the game for decades, some people have seen him grow up while others feel like they grew up with him over the years. Now Bow Wow says he wants credit for everything he’s done in the game instead of getting credit for his accomplishments once he’s a bit older.

On Tuesday, Bow answered some fan questions and one person asked, “You think you deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?” Bow Wow replied, “Absolutely. BET should honor me at the Hip Hop Awards next year. I don’t want you to wait until I’m 44 years old. I will also be the youngest artist in history to ever receive this award. “

However, he wasn’t finished there yet. Another person said she agreed but disagreed with his testimony and said it might be a little too early for him to get that kind of recognition: “Look up my stats and see what I’ve done all my career, “he said. “And you tell me why it can’t be earlier.”

Opinions didn’t stop there. Someone else tweeted Bow Wow saying, ‘There are many who deserve more than you when they do.’ Bow Wow clapped back and said, “Not at BET! This is my house. They had to do a show after me and named me after that bastard. We had labels calling them like I need Bow Wow treatment. I operated a network before working there. BET stands for BOW ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION. Damn it, you thought. “

Many people know that Bow Wow earned the title of Mr. 106 & Park after becoming the first artist whose video was withdrawn from the BET video countdown show. He would later return to the show to serve as one of the final hosts. He took on the moderation duties in 2012 until the end of the show in 2014.

Bow Wow took his fans back in time earlier this year when he headlined the Millennium Tour next to Omario.

Roommate, do you think Bow Wow should be honored by BET?

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