Blankets with sleeves: comfortable all winter long

The most important criterion when buying a sleeve blanket is of course that the product reliably heats up. Cotton and fleece models, which are particularly durable thanks to cotton, have proven to be particularly effective. In the meantime, however, there are also blankets made entirely of polyester or microfiber, which are also very comfortable and warm – and generally cheaper than woolen blankets.

Even if a sleeved blanket gives us great freedom of movement, there is still a risk that a sip of coffee or a spoonful of sauce will end up on our soft throw. Good if you cover then easy can put in the washing machine and doesn’t have to take it to the cleaners. Even better if it can then be dried in the dryer and is available again quickly.

Anyone who spends a lot of time with the blanket in the apartment will become one poached appreciate in which remote control or mobile phone can be stored. Speaking of pockets: some sleeve duvets also have a handy foot pocket and provide plenty of comfort when we’re not on the go with our duvet.

Also ceiling size could play a role in the purchase. Because the best sleeved blanket is useless if it’s so short that even your feet aren’t covered.

In addition to all these practical considerations, of course, this also plays a role Ceiling design a role. There are elegant blankets with embroidery, cozy blankets with a checkered pattern and plain blankets that can be used universally. The general rule is: even if such a blanket is not used, it will usually lie on the sofa, and not in the closet. So the ceiling should match the interior of the apartment.

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