Black’s Covid-19 variant Omicron jokingly renamed Omarion Twitter

Black Twitter had abandoned users on the social page after finding humor in the news of another variant of Covid-19. By now you’ve probably heard that Covid-19 has reshuffled itself once again. We switched from the standard Covid-19 to the delta variant and now the global is opposed to the Omicron variant. Still, the virus doesn’t seem to curb feel-good laughter. By early Tuesday, thousands of tweets focused on renaming or recognizing the variant’s new nickname: Omarion.

“Wake up to find out that Black ppl has decided together that the new Covid variant is not the Omicron … but the Omarion variant. I really love us, ”wrote account owner @_priestly.

And the jokes keep beating

The moment is another listing on Omarion’s viral résumé. Earlier this year, the artist gave fans a little stiff dance on a stage while wearing a now famous red trench coat. A short clip of the moment threw the Internet into an uproar. For days on end, users created and interacted with memes and remake videos on social media platforms. Well, the same look and video inspire memes about the Omicron variant.

“They say to keep the Omarion variant away, you have to do this routine three times in the mirror,” tweeted user @aura_of_gold along with a video of Omarion’s viral dance.

Twitter users have also scoured Omarion’s music catalog for more jokes. From his lyrics to his music videos, people found ways to associate Omicron with his unofficial name and face. On the other hand, some people seemed to think that “Omarion” was the real name of the variant.

“I’m crying, I saw the Omicron variant and read Omarion and said, ‘Damn who names these things,” tweeted user @RanIstheITgirl.

“N *** a, I’m sitting here like, ‘Omarion got this shit,” said user @ConsciousBuddah.

President Biden talks about Omicron

Jokes aside, the variant causes some trouble while scientists work to figure out its effects. Several countries, including the US, Canada, Japan, UK, and Russia to name a few, already have imposed travel restrictions from countries in southern Africa, per NPR.

Just yesterday, President Joe Biden spoke about Omicron to the nation.

“First of all, this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. We have the best vaccine in the world. The best drugs, the best scientists, and we’re learning more every day. And we will fight this variant with scientific and knowledgeable actions and speed. Not chaos and confusion, ”said President Biden.

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