Black Friday? singles day prime stores are pushing prices right now

Whether Saturn, MediaMarkt, Teufel or cheaper laptops: in some stores you can now dust off popular products at good prices – even if Black Friday is still a good two and a half weeks away . The reason is obvious: the market is tense, whoever is ahead of the competition seduces the customer. Because this year in particular, a lot of people are probably wondering if they should still enter the market like in previous years, when Germans were quite spendy.

Should we still wait for Black Friday or Singles Day?

Of course, you should never buy blind. But if you see a really good offer now, you don’t have to wait any longer :Der singles day is already in a few days. If you order now and later discover a cheaper price, you can return the product without any problem.

Some stores even offer a extended return period on. at cheaper notebooks for example, everyone can now until 31/12/22 Products purchased can be returned before the end of January 23rd. Anyone who buys now is therefore not only on the safe side on Black Friday, but can also redeem Christmas gifts if they don’t like them.

Here we show you advanced offers from Notebooksbilliger (NBB), Saturn, MediaMarkt and Teufel for Black Friday and Singles Day. In the respective link you will also find many other offers.

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