Black Friday at Bluetti: energy storage now at the best price

When buying a versatile and portable Bluetti energy storage device, you only have to ask yourself one question: which devices do you want to supply energy and for how long? If you just want to bridge a short power outage or charge your laptop, smartphone, and tablet while on the go, we recommend the inexpensive Bluetti EB3A with 268 watt-hours of storage and 600 watts of output power. Even the most affordable manufacturer’s power station can be charged with solar panels to provide you with self-contained power.
The Bluetti EB70 with an output power of 1000 watts and 716 watt hours of stored energy and the Bluetti AC200 Max with 2200 watts and 2048 watt hours are suitable for longer power outages or for connecting energy-hungry consumers such as electric grills, refrigerators or heaters. The latter can also be combined with optional batteries, creating a real powerhouse with a whopping 8,192 watt hours.

Whichever energy storage device you choose, you always get long-lasting LiFePO4 batteries and a wide variety of connections and expansion options.

Also check out Bluetti’s portable power stations and get the best prices as part of the Black Friday discount. And all this directly in the manufacturer’s online store.

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