Blac Chyna shares her thoughts on establishing a vaccination mandate for travelers

Earlier this year, Blac Chyna announced she was definitely in favor of the vaccines after she was seen harassing someone about a vaccination at the airport. Now she is sharing her thoughts on whether a vaccination mandate for travelers should be introduced.

TMZ met the model / influencer at LAX and asked her if she thought it was time the federal government made vaccines mandatory so people could fly. She responded and agreed when she explained that it took her about two hours to pass through the TSA because of the queues alone.

She continued, ‚ÄúThis is way too much. People have to get vaccinated and start thinking about everyone else … that’s annoying. “

Chyna agreed with the cameraman when he asked her if she was any kind of scared while being surrounded by people at the airport. Then she went on to talk about the extra layers of clothing she wore for protection.

As before reported, a video of Chyna began circulating at the airport back in October. She could be seen surrounded by her security guards screaming and telling someone to “get the goddamn vaccinated” and “stop being stupid h *!”

Witnesses said the moment came after a woman with a baby walked up to them to ask about the photo.

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