BioWare talks about the challenges of Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Pandemic in early 2022

While Mass Effect and Dragon Age fans are eagerly awaiting specific details about the new games that are currently in production, developer BioWare has provided a short development update for both projects, along with a tease, the Mass Effect fans another Will keep you busy for a while.

In one new blog post General Manager Gary McKay briefed on the state of BioWare on the two highly anticipated RPG sequels, while also addressing the toll the pandemic has taken on development.

“And of course we will continue to work hard on the next iterations of Dragon Age and Mass Effect,” said McKay. “I see incredible work from both teams.”

For Mass Effect fans, McKay encouraged players to take a look at the latest poster revealed for the game.

“If you’re curious about Mass Effect, I encourage you to take a look at the poster we released on N7 Day,” said McKay. “If you look closely, there are a handful of hidden goodies; by my count there are at least five surprises, all of which point to an amazing future in the Mass Effect universe.”

The Mass Effect poster in question was revealed on N7 day 2021, and the image shows a ship landing on a planet near a crater. Fans immediately noticed that the crater resembled the Geth, a sentient AI species from the original trilogy. You can also see four characters exit the ship below, which could indicate the group size in the new game. In our original story, we theorized that the group leaving the ship might include a salarian, turian, and krogan from the first three games. With BioWare’s secrets hidden in this poster, fans are sure to ponder what clues it could hold for a long time to come.

Also addressing the development of Dragon Age 4, McKay said, “We have a seasoned group of talented developers working on the next iteration of the franchise. We’re focused on a single player experience based on key decisions.”

Confirming a single-player focus is likely a relief for some BioWare fans after the studio’s 2019 project – the multiplayer-focused anthem, which was released to mediocre feedback.

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McKay said his goal in assuming the GM position at BioWare was to restore the studio’s reputation. Following the positive response to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition last year, McKay said their goal is to make every game they release live up to this quality. Both Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect seem a long way off as there are no official titles, confirmed platforms, or release windows for either project.

The pandemic has been challenging for any game development studio, and McKay addressed how BioWare will move forward with a new work model. He says BioWare will move forward with a hybrid approach to “maximize collaboration and communication between on-site and remote workers.” BioWare will also begin hiring employees across North America without expecting them to relocate to either of the studio’s locations in Austin or Edmonton.

The new Mass Effect was first confirmed on N7 Day in 2020, and we know that several members of the original Trilogy development team are on board to tell the next chapter in the popular science fiction universe. The game was officially launched at The Game Awards 2020 with a short teaser trailer and confirmation that the project is in “early production”. The teaser didn’t reveal much, but it ended with a recording of an asari that appears to be from the original Liara T’Soni games.

If you need to catch up on the original trilogy before the next entry, you can do so with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, part of the Xbox Game Pass franchise coming this January.

As for Dragon Age 4, the game was first teased in 2018 before BioWare showed it off at The Game Awards 2020 with a teaser trailer confirming the return of some characters. Thanks to a BioWare book, we know that the next Dragon Age will take place in Tevinter, a place mentioned in Dragon Age lore but never visited in the games themselves.

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Dragon Age 4’s Creative Director left BioWare late last year. McKay said this change would not affect BioWare’s commitment to the game, saying, “We will not ship a game that does not meet BioWare’s standards.”

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