Bike bell with hidden tracker: simply track your bike

The AirBell Bike Bell promises to find your own bike quickly and easily. The trick: the bell has a secret compartment for an Apple AirTag. To be able to track the bike, you need an iPhone or iPad and a configured AirTag. The bell fits standard handlebars with a diameter of 22 millimeters.

Our assessment:

Although AirTag tracking relies on a network of iPhones or iPads, the price of the bell is so low that it hardly differs from other standard bells. You could hardly get a cheaper smart bike tracking solution – unless you place the AirTag somewhere inconspicuously on the frame or saddle, as the bell only serves as a hiding place, the tracker costs extra (about 35 euro, see on amazon).

An opinion: If you are able to find your stolen bike, do not attempt to recover it yourself. Contact the police instead.

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