Big Sean talks about Kanye West, his deal with GOOD Music, which owes millions of dollars and more to Drink Champs

There seems to be a lot going on when it comes to Big Sean and Kanye West’s relationship. Last month, Ye appeared on “Drink champs“And revealed that one of the worst things he did was sign Sean on his GOOD Music label. Now Sean shares his point of view when it comes to their relationship. He talks about his loyalty over the years owing him millions of dollars and more.

Big Sean was frank with NORE and DJ ENF about his relationship with Kanye, saying, “Being under contract with Kanye is a once in a lifetime opportunity. He changed my life and I love him for that. But every time Kanye called me, every time no matter what I was doing, I’ll be where he is within a day. Be it to help him in the studio, to add a line, to write a verse for him, maybe he only takes parts of the verse, maybe the whole verse, maybe just to help him with his mood. “

He went on to state that he supported Kanye both musically and politically.

Sean went on to say, “Yeah, I’ve been loyal because I feel like I’m the only one who’s stuck with GOOD Music for so long, so yeah, it affected me personally, brother. He texted me the next day and said, ‘I want to meet you and your mother to begin healing on both sides.’ I took it too personally because you publicly humiliated me when I was downstairs for you. “

While talking about his loyalty to Kanye, Sean also shared that his manager took a look at his contract with GOOD Music and said it was one of the worst deals he had ever seen. “My manager saw my record deal and said, ‘This is a shitty record deal.’ But I will never say that, because why? It was a chance, I could work my way out of everything. “

Sean also shared that he had looked at his books for his label from an auditor and learned that he owed millions of dollars from GOOD Music. “I owe myself $ 6 million and from Kanye West’s GOOD Music label,” he said.

As before reported, Kanye said during his Drink Champs interview, “I say the worst thing I’ve ever done is signing Big Sean.”

Sean would just reply to his comment later saying, “I love Kanye, brother. I love him for the opportunity he gave me and all of those things but I thought what he said was shit. Damn it, damn what he’s talking about. “

Check out the full interview below:

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