Beware of ChatGPT apps: up to 180 euros for the free AI tool

Of course, it makes sense to try ChatGPT on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, there is no official app for it yet. What you can do: Just open the thing in the browser, it also works on the go.

However, if you search for “ChatGPT” in the Apple App Store, you will see questionable apps that are only a few days old and attempt to ride on the hype. For example, an application is called “Genie – Chat GPT AI” and tries to entice users to subscribe for up to 179.99 euros per year.

To do this, the application forwards your input to the free ChatGPT website and returns the truncated response. You should only get full access if you take out an extremely expensive subscription.

ChatGPT apps that work on the same model also appear in the Play Store. User input is passed to ChatGPT. For example, you should pay 12 euros for “Open Ai Chat Gpt”. However, some apps also skip subscriptions and display ads instead. But even this has no added value for users, ChatGPT web application can be used ad-free.

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