Beware of ChatGPT applications: up to 180 euros in subscription fees for the KI tool

Of course, it makes sense to try ChatGPT on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, there is no official app for it yet. What you can do: Just open the thing in the browser, it also works on the go.

However, if you search for “ChatGPT” in the Apple App Store, you will see a few apps that are only a few days old and try to ride on the hype. An application, for example, is “Genie – Chat GPT AI”, which offers subscriptions up to 179.99 euros.

But why is the app so expensive when you can currently use ChatGPT for free? The CEO behind the app, Yalçın Özdemir, tells us that his application uses the Openai API, which unfortunately is not free. Access is charged by tokens, which are parts of words. About 750 words can be built from 1000 tokens.

Additionally, its app is expected to offer additional features including chat history and export options, with more to come. In order for users not to confuse the application, the application description in the App Store will soon explicitly state that the ChatGPT web application can currently be used for free.

Basically, according to Yalçın Özdemir, the results of generative AI are breathtaking, but unfortunately also associated with high costs.

Of course, you can buy apps based on ChatGPT and many new business models are emerging in this area. You currently don’t need an app or a paid subscription just to play around with the AI ​​tool.

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