Better than part 1: “Avatar 2” must be seen in the cinema

It’s been over ten years since Jake (Sam Worthington), Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), and the Na’vi tribe of the Omatikaya drove the humans out of Pandora. Peace has returned to the planet. The nature, animals and people of Pandora are recovering from human oppression. Jake and his wife Neytiri have now started a family and lead happy, carefree lives. But the romance is suddenly over when people return.

At first it is only a flickering light in the starry sky that announces the return of oppressors and conquerors. Then the Sky People’s spaceships summoned by the Na’vi land on Pandora and transform the Omatikaya forest into a blazing inferno, devouring flora and fauna. Heaven becomes hell again.

It quickly becomes clear what people want. Not only have you discovered a valuable new resource. They also want revenge. Their destination: Jake and his family. In order to track him and his kin, the people even bring back the chief villain, Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). His conscience was saved before his death and now lives in an avatar. Along with other Avatar Marines, he is now stalking Jake.

He realizes that he can only protect his family and his tribe by fleeing. This is how he and his relatives seek refuge with the Metkayina tribe, who live on and in the seas of Pandora. There, they not only have to deal with the skepticism of the tribesmen around Chief Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) and his wife Ronal (Kate Winslet). She soon finds Quaritch there, who puts Jake, Neytiri and his family, as well as the Metkayina, in danger…

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