Better on cold days: you should do this with your refrigerator to save electricity

Defrosting the freezer or the freezer compartment of the refrigerator can do a lot for the wallet: because the energy consumption of appliances decreases thanks to defrosting. According to the non-profit consultancy co2online, even a five millimeter thin layer of ice in a freezer increases electricity consumption by around 30%, because the ice acts as thermal insulation.

Older devices, in particular, accumulate thick layers of ice inside over time. Modern products, on the other hand, have automatic defrosting or so-called frost-free technology, which prevents the formation of frost or ice.

Note: If you want to temporarily store frozen food outdoors, you should choose a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Because even on cold days, the sun can still be strong and cause temperatures to soar wherever it goes.

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