Better hang up immediately: Europol warns of a particularly brazen new phone scam

In addition to false Europol calls, more and more forged letters are sent in the name of the police authority. The letters are believed to come from Europol departments, as well as the executive director, other senior officials and various international law enforcement officials.

In order to make the fraudulent letters appear genuine and legitimate, the emails and social media posts incorrectly used the names of high profile employees such as Catherine De Bolle, Jean-Philippe Lecouffe and J├╝rgen Ebner. Fraudulent letters have also been sent on behalf of third-party companies claiming to act on behalf of Europol.

The same applies here: these letters are not genuine. Europol does not write directly to citizens asking them for anything. Nor is the authority threatening to open a criminal investigation or impose fines. If you receive such a letter, contact your local police station.

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