Be a DIK code safe galore. So if you’re looking to get some special renders, here are all the DIK Interlude Vault Codes to redeem right now.

Being a DIK is a choice-driven adult episodic visual novel that focuses on the enjoyable aspects of college life. The game similar to its competitors brings an interesting plot and is full of comedy, mini-games, sex, romance and drama.

Its story revolves around a young man from a poor family who moves away from his widowed father and his summer love to attend Burgmeister & Royce University.

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Upon his arrival, he meets a ton of characters (good and bad), but things don’t go as planned as he soon finds himself in a messy situation that leads him to commit to the Delta Iota fraternity. Kappa (DIK). Life here becomes filled with conflict, drugs, sex and alcohol.

Now, assuming this is your first time digging into Being a DIK and tasked with collecting renders, you’ll notice that some of them are in chests. To open them you will need a special code and that is where this article comes in.

So without further ado, here is a list of all currently active Interlude Vault Codes to be a DIK.

Be a DIK safe code

For one, players can easily find Being a DIK Vault codes during free roaming. These special numbers highlighted in green are usually found in the most hidden dialog boxes in an object that you can interact with.

However, assuming you can’t take note of Vault Codes during gameplay, we’ve got all of the DIK Interlude Vault Codes for you to redeem right now.

  • Interlude Vault Code – 2575
  • Episode 1 Vault Code – 1386
  • Episode 2 Vault Code – 4413
  • Episode 3 Vault Code – 3985
  • Episode 4 Vault Code – 0421
  • Episode 5 Vault Code – 4226
  • Episode 6 Vault Code – 4463
  • Episode 7 Vault Code – 1159
  • Episode 8 Vault Code – 211

How to enter DIK safe codes

The steps to use Being a DIK Interlude Vault code combinations are quite simple and straightforward. To start this one, just launch the phone in-game and jump into Vault. From there, enter one of the chest codes listed above to unlock special renders.

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