Before shooting the FritzBox: you should do this before the update

The good news is that the FritzBox offers an integrated backup function under “System” in the “Backup” section. There, go to the “Backup” tab and assign a password that protects the backup file. Take a secure password that you don’t use anywhere else and save it to your password manager of choice. A good solution for this is, for example, KeePassXC.

Once the password has been assigned, click on “Save”. Now the backup must be confirmed, which can be done either via a phone connected to the FritzBox or by pressing a button on the FritzBox itself. On a phone, type the number sequence displayed, for example *18653. If it worked, you can save the backup locally. You will then find a file with the extension “.export” on your system.

Important: Phone data is not included in the backup file, it must be backed up separately. It goes under “Telephony”. In the “Directory” tab, scroll down and select “Save”. You can also save call blocks that have been configured separately under the menu item of the same name.

By the way, restoring a backup is just the opposite. There is a “Restore” tab on the FritzBox for this purpose, where you supply the export file again, for which you need the password. Note: You can restore the full backup on the same Fritzbox model, on other models only part of the backup may be available, depending on the range of functions.

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