Beautiful in your sleep? What the experts say about “night creams”

In issue 12/2022, ÖKO-TEST tested a total of 36 night creams. These also include 16 certified natural cosmetics. Special creams are intended to provide the skin with all important nutrients overnight, and some also promise less wrinkles. In this case, the experts requested proof studies from the manufacturer. Where applicable, it has been verified whether the creams have an advantage over conventional skincare creams – not a single product with advertising promises can live up to this or offer a verifiable advantage over other creams.

This ultimately leads to devaluations. With some products, creams also contain critical substances. Points are deducted, for example, for PEG/PEG derivatives or mineral oil components. Out of 36 creams, only seven were rated “very good”. Eleven others are “good”, including inexpensive conventional creams. 14 night creams rated “satisfactory”. The four remaining creams do not pass the test and fail with the mark “insufficient” (grade 6). Among the losers are well-known products such as Olay, Neutrogena and L’Oreal.

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