Beard care in the test: You should discard a product immediately

The big loser in the test is the beard care product “BF Wood Sophisticated Wild Beard Balm”, which scores “insufficient” and which, according to ÖKO-TEST, should be better disposed of. The testers have a few ingredients to criticize, even though the manufacturer claims “100% natural”: the product contains plastic and mineral oil-based waxes, including mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOAH), which also include compounds carcinogenic. There are also artificial fragrances, one of which has been classified as suspected of causing cancer. However, the use of these substances is not prohibited.

A product only gets a “good enough” score because of critical substances. In three others, testers found fragrances that could trigger allergies and were rated “satisfactory” – including the famous “Tobacco Beard & Shaving Oil”.

However, ten products also behave “very well” and four others “good”.

Some of the best beard care products include:

  • Kneipp Men beard balm 2 in 1 intensive care (see on amazon)
  • Nivea Men Sensitive Pro Face and Beard Balm (see on amazon)
  • Alverde Men Rough Nature Beard Balm (DM Pharmacy)
  • Balea Men Beard Oil (DM Pharmacy)

You can read the detailed test report Read at ÖKO-TEST for a fee.

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