Be careful when heating: that’s why you should have a CO alarm

A carbon monoxide detector should be installed in every home as a safety measure. Because carbon monoxide is dangerous – and above all treacherous, because the gas is invisible, odorless and tasteless. Without aids, it is therefore hardly noticeable whether there is a risk and whether the CO concentration has been exceeded. And this can happen faster than you would like: appliances such as gas heaters, instantaneous water heaters, grills or fireplaces burn CO during operation. As a rule, the gas is discharged through air exhaust ducts. However, if the devices are defective, carbon monoxide can escape – and in the worst case, lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Where is the carbon monoxide detector installed?

The height at which the carbon monoxide alarms must be installed is decisive: the CO alarm must be approximately 1.50 to 2 meters above the ground. Because you can still read the display and the device is also safe from the hands of small children.

Bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens are rather unsuitable for installation. The reason: The sensor reacts to high humidity and does not work properly. This can lead to constant false alarms. If you still want to install the CO detector in these rooms, we recommend that you install it at a maximum distance of three meters from the potential source of danger. The sensor also has difficulty measuring correctly if you lay the CO alarm flat.

In the table below we show you some highly rated carbon monoxide alarms.

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