Battlefield 2042 has had a tough introductory week so far, be it now Server problems, UI problems, or more creative frustrations like features or modes that 2042 didn’t include. One Reddit user named Jellyswim has even gone as far as one List of functions “removed or downgraded” from Battlefield 2042, and it’s a surprisingly long (albeit subjective) read.

Some notable complaints are:

  • No stubborn lobbies that players require matchmaking after each game.
  • No global leaderboards
  • Not a standard server browser
  • Less standard game modes, like team deathmatch
  • Fewer vehicle types
  • No small transport vehicles like ATVs or bicycles
  • Less weapon choice
  • Various movement mechanics, such as manual leaning, high wall arch, supine position, no diving while swimming
  • Technical issues such as fewer controls and UI tweaking options, less support for ultra-wide monitors, and issues with aiming assistance on the console.
  • A less obvious way to communicate to a medic is to resuscitate a dejected teammate.
  • And easily a few dozen other complaints.

It’s worth noting that none of these features are necessarily “missing”. Sequels are constantly leaving out features from previous games, whether for budget reasons, the realities of a game’s development timeline, or just a creative decision to rely on a less is more approach, which doesn’t necessarily mean game is better or worse for it. However, the list is quite a reminder of how different Battlefield 2042 is from its predecessors in detail.

The list is just a sneak peek, but the post has become one of the highest-rated entries in the Battlefield 2042 subreddit in recent history, and many users have joined the complaints.

“I’ll admit that I had 10 hours of fun, but these things just got more and more obvious and the fun just faded quickly,” wrote a user named MultimediaCarl.

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β€œ’Assist counts as Kill’ is literally one of my favorite features of BF4,” wrote user KaineZilla. β€œIt was the first game I noticed it in and it just feels GOOD. Especially for someone like me who has trouble tidying up.

“Portal really is the salvation, but it’s a shame we have to rely so heavily on user-created servers to fill so many gaps that are missing in the base game and the portal won’t hold that status forever,” wrote User Jellyswim.

IGN’s own Battlefield 2042 review reiterated some of these complaints, noting that classes seem less important when all the specialized characters can use most of the tools of each class, and even an issue with dead teammates’ bodies remaining visible on the ground and as false bait for you Paramedics act.

DICE responded with his early Thursday first update for Battlefield 2042which, among other things, targets server issues like rubberbanding and stuttering on the breakaway card. DICE also updated a fix for the Battlefield 2042 proximity sensor.

DICE also plans to release two additional updates over the next 30 days targeting bug fixes, balance changes, and quality of life issues.

Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer for IGN.

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