A rough start to Battlefield 2042 has resulted in it becoming one of the worst-rated games on Steam in just over a week. The news of the game’s poorly received launch comes despite the fact that it has also been one of the most played titles on the platform since its inception.

According to data published by Steam 250’s Hall of Shame, one of the worst-rated games of all time on the platform, the EA shooter is getting off to a pretty grim start in terms of user ratings.

Battlefield 2042 is currently the ninth worst game of all time on the platform and has negatively rated over 30,000 of its 42,000 reviews on the platform. However, despite the bad reviews, there are still plenty of people who play the game.

Corresponding SteamDB, Battlefield 2042 currently ranks second only to Halo Infinite when it comes to trending games over the past seven days and top player counts over the past 24 hours. The EA shooter also ranks 89th in the Platform ranking for concurrent players with the highest peak scores of all time, while the beta is in 54th place.

Users who post negative reviews for the game cite a number of reasons, including both gameplay aspects and a lack of general features in the game. While many fans took out their frustrations on Steam, a member of the community recently took to Reddit to show off how many of the normal Battlefield features seemed to be missing in 2042. The full list was quite long, although some notable inclusions such as technical issues, lack of content related to weapons and vehicles, and changes to the game’s class system were mentioned.

Amid the bad reviews and feedback, Dice continued to make a number of changes to the game to improve the gaming experience. As can be seen from the following tweet, the developer released an update for the game last week which it says will help “improve the smooth experience on servers” in the future.

Despite the tumultuous start to Battlefield 2042, at least it hasn’t gotten off to as bad a start as Konami’s eFootball. The free soccer simulator launched earlier this year with a number of issues, putting it right at the top of the lowest-rated games of all time in the Hall of Shame.

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