Batman’s secret website lets fans compete against the Riddler

Who isn’t a fan of a good old-fashioned ARG? As The Batman approaches, theaters have received new promotional material for the upcoming superhero film, and eagle-eyed fans discovered a tiny Easter egg trail that led to a game developed by The Riddler.

New cardboard displays for the upcoming Batman film can be found in all cinemas. At the end of these standees is a mysterious code that fans could decipher as “You are el rata alada” or “You are the winged rat”, which is rude.

The Batman – New pictures and posters

But this message was only the first step, as “You are el” can be read as the “URL” that led fans to the website. “ ‚ÄĚThis is where the next fun begins.

This site was previously just a looping video with static and a question mark, but earlier this week the site changed to accept input from visitors. Now the site asks visitors three questions, and if answered correctly, it will display a series of Gotham City Police Department sketches for the Batman.

Solving the puzzles will reveal these sketches.  Photo credit: WB, captured by IGN.

Solving the puzzles will reveal these sketches. Photo credit: WB, captured by IGN.

The Riddler also teases that he will be returning, which means this website could see some more changes between now and the final premiere of The Batman.

The Batman will finally hit theaters on March 4, 2022. The team behind the imminent restart has revealed more details about the project, including being inspired by Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne from Kurt Cobain and that the film will also serve as the origin story for Catwoman played by Zoe Kravitz.

Fully in line with director Matt Reeves’ vision for The Batman, WB will expand the universe with an HBO Max series starring Colin Farrell’s Penguin and a spin-off focused on Gotham PD.

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