Barefoot shoes for children: the best models for children’s feet

Barefoot shoes are a good alternative to conventional shoes. As such, it is best to let babies and children walk barefoot as much as possible in order to strengthen the foot muscles. Walking barefoot also ensures correct toe position and can improve body coordination. Indeed, sensory stimuli can be better perceived via the sole of the foot. However, due to external circumstances, going barefoot outside is not always the best idea. This is where the so-called barefoot shoes come in.

Many experts recommend barefoot shoes, especially for young children, as a healthier alternative to conventional shoes. The soft and flexible sole of barefoot shoes should take into account the child’s natural gait. Unlike adults, children place their feet much more flat on the ground. Due to the thin material of the barefoot shoe, the foot must feel the ground and adapt accordingly. In addition, barefoot shoes offer more freedom than conventional shoes, especially in the toe area, because they are made of a flexible upper material. In this way, the shocks should be better absorbed and the foot should be more stable.

An opinion: Adults should only wear barefoot shoes if they have healthy feet and no joint problems. Read here what else you should consider when buying a barefoot shoe and which models performed well in the test.

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